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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disappointment and Trust

Well, I am a little disappointed. I know that sounds terrible in light of our post from yesterday... but I feel a tiny bit bummed. We just received an email about a grant that was supposed to meet about us next week. They are moving us to the October meeting- that is the source of my disappointment. I was so hoping and praying that they would meet and select us, thus allowing us to keep stepping forward. However, despite my disappointment... I trust. I trust knowing that God is in control and guiding each step of this adoption I trust knowing that He will continue to be faithful. I trust knowing He knows what is best for us and our future children. I trust knowing this is all in HIS perfect timing.
We have several things we are praying about right now regarding some decisions we face. Please pray for us as we follow God. Pray that we will hear HIS still, small voice.

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