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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My sweet Jack

The other night we were discussing our "new brother and sister." I asked the kids what they thought our brother and sister were doing. Jackson said- "probably crying for food, clothes and a mommy and daddy." I immediately felt so sad to think how possible it is that he was speaking truth. However, he quickly followed it -"soon they will not be crying for that anymore."
How wonderful to think that also is true! One of these days our precious new siblings will be home with us. They will have yummy food, clean clothes and a loving family!! Isn't it amazing that even his young mind understands all this:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Paper Pregnancy

I am sure that when you read the title of this blog, you wondered what in the world it meant. Well, I was thinking tonight that we needed to update our blog- but the question is with what. We really do not have any new "news." We are just sort of waiting. So I thought I would share something a bit different.
I have heard that adoption is like a "paper pregnancy"- hence the name of this blog entry. A friend who has adopted twice before us, shared how adoption for her was similar to pregnancy. As I think about it, I see many parallels.
The beginning stages, with all of its paperwork, I guess would be similar to the early months of pregnancy. A time when there are many ups and downs. A time when you know you are pregnant/adopting, but it is still not real. You are not showing, you are just waiting. The paperwork and all the aches and pains that go with it are similar to morning sickness.
Well we are past that initial time and now we have moved on to wait for our "ultrasound." We have several friends who are expecting and they are counting down the days until ultrasound time. The ultrasound brings them pictures of their little one. It tells them more about the precious being growing inside of them. It makes the whole pregnancy journey seem more real. Well I guess we too are waiting for an ultrasound of sorts. We are waiting for the day when we will have pictures of our little ones. The day when we will know more about them. The day when all this will seem so much more real.
Once we have our pictures, our ultrasound, then we will begin the countdown to THE day. The day that is much like the day our other children were born. THE day we get to meet our little ones face to face. To touch them. To hug them. To spend precious days, week and years together.
There is however one BIG difference in this "pregnancy" journey, compared to our other 4 pregnancies. This one is not on a predictable calendar: a 9 month journey, with predictable milestones. This journey has many unknowns... the biggest of which is timing. We are not on a 9 month calendar. We do not know for sure exactly when our "ultrasound" day will come. We do not know for sure exactly how long we will be "pregnant." We do not know for sure exactly when we will meet our little ones.
This journey may be different. It may present its own challenges and unknowns- BUT I am so thankful to be on this road. I am thankful that God has called us to this. I am thankful for how HE is working as we journey.
Thank you for following our "pregnancy." Thank you for praying.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who knew??

Well who in the world knew that the Chick-fil-a calendar fundraiser would be such a hit. God has really used this effort to bless our adoption fund. We have been so amazed. We have sold over 300 calendars so far. Each calendar profits our adoption fund $5- thus adding over $1,500 to our fund!!!
We have found that many people will even put a few extra dollars with theirs, because they know it goes to a great cause. Tonight we had a really nice surprise regarding our calendars. My cousin had asked a friend to buy one and they asked could they give a bit extra. Well as it turns out they only wanted one calendar, but they decided to "pay" $100 for it. Cool huh??!!!
We are continuing to sell calendars so please let us know if you want one or if you would like to help sell them. Our goal is 500 calendars.