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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who knew??

Well who in the world knew that the Chick-fil-a calendar fundraiser would be such a hit. God has really used this effort to bless our adoption fund. We have been so amazed. We have sold over 300 calendars so far. Each calendar profits our adoption fund $5- thus adding over $1,500 to our fund!!!
We have found that many people will even put a few extra dollars with theirs, because they know it goes to a great cause. Tonight we had a really nice surprise regarding our calendars. My cousin had asked a friend to buy one and they asked could they give a bit extra. Well as it turns out they only wanted one calendar, but they decided to "pay" $100 for it. Cool huh??!!!
We are continuing to sell calendars so please let us know if you want one or if you would like to help sell them. Our goal is 500 calendars.

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