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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grant Meeting

Sorry that I have not posted in a week or so... life has been busy. But now we have several things happening related to our adoption so here is the first-
There is a charitable foundation that we expect will meet about us this week or early next week. It is our understanding that the committee meets once a month. We were expecting them to meet regarding us 2 months ago and then they postponed our family to last month. Then last month they moved us to this month. Their goal is to put our application in at the time that is best for our situation. So please pray. We are so close to having enough funds to get our referrals. This grant may be the way God chooses to provide that need. Pray for God's perfect timing. We know that He knows the best time for our application to be considered.
Check back in the next day or two for another update. October is going to be busy!

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