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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Care Packages and Prayer

We found out some good news recently. Our agency told us that we can send care packages to our 2 children. We can fill a backpack for each child and they will take it with the next escort group. We are very excited to be able to do this! It makes us feel more part of their little lives. We are planning to go as a family tomorrow to shop for things to send. We have to get the backpacks together soon so we can mail them.
On another note, we ask that you pray for several things-
-For our children, as they are now in foster care. (They receive much better care there as well as medical treatment and food.)
-For the foster families as they care for our precious ones.
-For the timing of when our children come home-We trust God's timing is perfect but sometimes the waiting is tough.
-For finances. God has provided so much. In fact He provided $1,500 just this past month through 2 precious families. Pray for His continued provision.
-Pray regarding escorts and flights. There is the possibility that one escort could bring both our children home. This would mean a big "savings" in cost of flights and escort fees. However, we know that regardless of the whether this "savings" happens or not, God will provide!
Thanks for following our story!!

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