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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many of you have asked about the grant that was meeting about us. We appreciate you checking on us and praying for us. The meeting was postponed, but hopefully they will meet soon. We are so thankful to have so many supporters and prayer warriors!
Many of you also have asked when our children will be home. Well... that is a loaded question. It's not like when we were expecting our other 3 children and we had a due date to plan on. This process is so different. Currently our paperwork is in Africa being processed. That part of the process can take 3- 4 months. We are about 7 weeks into that. Then after that there is a form we fill out here in the states and it takes 2- 12 weeks to process. Then there is more that needs take take place in Africa, which includes final meetings there. So... it could be as early as May, but it also could be late summer. We are hopeful that things will move quickly.
Please continue to pray for us. Each day is a day closer to our children being here in our arms! Pray that everything will happen smoothly and quickly. Pray also that God will continue to provide financially. And then lastly pray for us as we prepare.

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