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Monday, May 9, 2011

Several updates

We are so sorry for not posting sooner! Life has been a little busy.
I know many of you have asked about the grant we requested prayer for. Well, we heard from them last week and we were not chosen. We were disappointed. I especially had a tough time. I really wanted to get it. I guess more truthfully, I wanted God to provide for us that way. I had it all figured out and felt like THIS was how God should provide. I once again was reminded that Carrie's plans and Carrie's "math" are not God's. He has way bigger and way better plans. I just have to be patient to see what they are. So while the amount we still owe seems overwhelming, we are trusting that this is God's time and is God's way... He will provide!!
On another note- we mailed our I600 form this last week to US Immigration! That is a huge step. We have been told that it can take them 2-12 weeks to process. Please be in prayer for our paperwork.
And lastly- we are having a Yard Sale this coming weekend (May 14). Please let us know if you have items or if you can help us.
Oh and no word yet from Salsarita's-but thanks to all who ate there this weekend. We will let you know once we hear.

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