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Monday, June 6, 2011

I600 approval

I am so sorry for not updating sooner. I have been out of town and away from regular computer access.
This last week was a big week for our adoption! We received our I600 approval!! Now, if you are like my dad you will want to know what in the world is that. I sometimes forget that even though I have learned all the adoption lingo- not everyone has:) This approval is from US Immigration. It is the last BIG hurdle here in the states. So it is a very big deal in the adoption world. We had been told this could take up to 75 days to receive. Ours took 20! God is sooo good!!
We also received 3 new pictures of our munchkins last week. They are looking so much happier and more well nourished. In one of the pictures they were even playing with the toys that we sent in their care packages!
I am sure you are now wondering- What is next? When will these kiddos finally be home? Well that is a loaded question. We have made huge progress, but there is still a bit more to go. Our approval will be sent to the US Embassy in Africa. They will then set our embassy appointment, which could be 4-5 weeks out. After that appointment then several more weeks for exit approvals. Then... travel!!!
So, we still have quite a bit more to go. BUT- we are getting so close. We hope to know more about our timeline in the next few weeks.
We ask that you pray. Pray for everything to process smoothly and quickly. Pray also for finances. We will very soon be in need of our final monies. We don't know exactly how much we lack. It depends on a few fees and flight cost. But we estimate that we still need about $10,000. God has provided in huge and amazing ways. We know that He will continue!
Thanks for following our journey. We hope to have more to update soon.

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  1. YEAH! That immigration approval is huge! We're now waiting on ours so we'l have to compare notes to see how long ours takes. Thankful that your moving closer. Praying for you!