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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I know so many of you have been praying about the grant we were being considered for. We had been told we would hear from them on or before July 26. Well that was today... I checked our email this afternoon to find that we had been awarded a grant!!! Gift of Adoption will be awarding our adoption fund $5,000!!! WOW!!! God is so very faithful. Thank you for praying and for checking on us.
Many of you have asked how much that still leaves us. That grant and a few other donations and such put us at just under our original "goal" of $44,000. When we began this journey we estimated as best we could what our total would be. However, so much of our final cost depend on how much flights will cost and escort fees. We will not know either of those numbers until right at the end. We also have incurred some unexpected expense. When we accepted our referrals for our 2 children we made a payment that moved them to a foster care home. This meant they would recieve regular meals and loving care. The payment was enough for 6 months of foster care. We have passed that 6 month mark. So now each month we are responsible for foster care payments. So that is adding to our cost. As you will notice we raised the "goal" on our thermometer to our new "best guess."
We are getting so close to having our children home and to having all our funds. It is so hard to believe how much God has provided for our adoption in the last 15 months. What a FAITH walk!!!
Please continue to pray for us and thanks for following our journey!

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