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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travel planning

We are so sorry that it has taken a few days to pass along any further news. Life has been quite busy!! It is so hard to believe that we finally have a travel date!!
Our children will be in the states on October 10. It is our plan to take the whole family to pick them up. We have gone back and forth on that decision, but have decided that this is a once in a lifetime experience. So we will all load up in our big ole van and make the trip. Our moms have each agree to join us on the trip.
We are now busy trying to finalize hotel plans and logistics. We are also trying to make lists of what we need to purchase, questions for our agency, things to pack and calls to make.
God is continuing to work as we draw near to the day the children arrive home. Please continue to pray for things to go smoothly. Pray we all stay healthy. Pray for God's continued provision.
Only 11 days till we hold those precious little ones that we have waited for!!!!!!!!!

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