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Friday, June 11, 2010


This has been a huge week for applications on the adoption front. First of all, we have filled out, paid for and mailed in our I600a application. I am sure, you are like us when we first say those number and letters... What do they mean? Well it is our application to the US government to be approved to adopt an orphan. It is a big part of the adoption journey. Please pray that all goes well with our application process and that we get our approval quickly.
We also have completed 4 adoption grant applications and are in the process of completing 3 more. Each of these grants works differently and has different qualifications. Please be in prayer for each of these grants. Pray that our applications will find favor in the eyes of the decision makers.
We are so anxious to bring our little one home and we are trusting God to provide all that is needed to do that.

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