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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Approved, sold and given

Well it has been a cool few days! First of all our Home Study is complete. For those of you who have experienced the adoption process, that is a big deal. It is basically a document all about us-our life history, the kids, medical information, finances... you name it and it is probably in there. If you want to know something about us, it is in there:) You must have an approved Home Study to proceed with an adoption.. Well- we are APPROVED!!
On another note-Remember the bedroom suite that was donated to us awhile ago. Well, it had not sold. This weekend a precious friend put it out at an estate sale she was having. And today we were contacted to say we needed to pick it up, it had not sold. I was so disappointed. I have to confess- I wondered why God did not allow it to sell and was a bit sad. So I began praying and guess what??? Not 10 minutes later, when I arrived home- the kids came to the door telling me it had sold. God is so good!!!
BUT that is not all... I sat down to check my email and a friend from high school had emailed to let me know a check was headed our way for $100 toward our adoption. So I say again- GOD IS GOOD!!!
We have been blessed this week, but we ask that you please continue to pray for us! We need a little over $1000 to finish off the first payments. We are so close. Also continue to pray for us as we complete grant applications. We need to raise between $20-24,000 in order to bring our daughter home. It seems overwhelming at times, but we are about 1/4 of the way there and we serve a BIG God!!! Thank you so much for following our blog.
Wait there is more!!! I had finished this post and had it posted and then more happened. The bunk beds we were trying to sell, sold. And so I say again GOD IS GOOD!!! I am awed and humbled by His ways.
And more- we had an extra DVD/VCR combo and Dave found someone on Craigslist who needed one. So we are now only $925 from finishing over our 1st payments:)

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