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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My precious children

I was thinking tonight about my precious children and some of the things they have said related to adoption and thought I would share...-
-Karis prayed nightly for a month or more for a brother AND sister, before Dave and I seriously began to do the same.
-Some time after telling the boys we were praying about adopting 2- Jackson comes to me. He says "Mommy, I have been praying at night in my bed about us adopting 2. And I believe God is telling me in my heart we should." WOW!!
-Micah and Jackson were discussing the space in our vehicle and how once we are home with our 2 that there will be no room for friends to ride. They decided the solution... buy a limo.
-Jackson wants to know if we get "change back" once we pay for the adoption.
-Micah wants to know IF we only needed 1 more dollar to be done paying, could we use some from our grocery budget. OF COURSE WE COULD.
-Karis prays nightly that "the grants would give us money for our adoption." ( I think she thinks the grants are a family who is gonna help us out :) )
Kids say and do the most precious things. We are so blessed to hear their sweet perspective on life!

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