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Monday, August 16, 2010

School starts

Well this post is not about adoption, but that's ok. I guess this blog is just as much about life in the Thomas family as it is about adoption.
School began today. The beginning of school always makes me sad. I love have my children home and I miss this so much when they are at school. I know that school is part of growing up, but it is still hard to let go a big.
Micah started 3rd grade today. And Jack started kindergarten. They are at a new school. It is a home school Co-op of sorts. They will go to school 3 days a week for 4 hours each and then I have them home to teach the other 2. It is a great set up.
I was nervous about them starting. Micah would be meeting all new friends and leaving the only school he had ever attended. Jackson would be starting school for the very first time and he had told us multiple times that he did not need to go:)
Well we are home now and the day went great. The boys went right into their rooms without an issues. Mommy felt quite sad, but they were fine! Their teachers are both precious, wonderful women.
The cool thing about their school is not only that they are home more, but... there are other adoptive families!! While we were on campus we met several families with children from Africa and Haiti. WOW!! God is so amazing. He has put us in a place where there will be families "like ours." I am so grateful!!!
I am looking forward to a great year of this new experience!!! I can not wait to be part of teaching my precious blessings.

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