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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Introduction to our precious ones

We realized tonight that we had not updated our blog in a bit. We would like to use this post to introduce you to our children.
Silas is 3 years old. He is super ticklish and has an amazing smile that lights up a room. We can already see that he is going to enjoy being a "ham." He loves his siblings and enjoys playing. He is learning English a bit at a time and loves to copy words we say. Our favorite things he says now are "ha-llo" and "bye-o" (his way of saying hi and bye). He is a great sleeper and eater. There is not much he won't eat. He has a bit of a stubborn side. He is not a fan of the word NO. He has taken many trips to the time-out chair. But each day he is making less trips there. I think he just wants to make sure Dave and I are serious:)He is slowly learning about family and routine. He especially loves his daddy.
Moriah is almost 19 months old. She is such a cutie. She is easy going- although she does have a talent for turning the tears on and off as needed. She is more of a mommy's girl. She likes to carry a purse or wear a bracelet. She loves having her siblings give her rides in the baby doll stroller! I think she would let them push her all day if we let them. She likes to be held. She too is a great sleeper and eater. She will try any food, but some of the faces she makes are quite humorous.
This post is mostly about our new additions, but I don't want to forget about our 3 oldest kiddos...
Micah has been a huge help. He loves to carry Moriah and help Silas. He enjoys being the biggest brother. I have been amazed to see how he is growing up especially during this time of transition.
Jackson is also enjoying being a big brother. He is our peacemaker and wants to make sure everyone is happy and included. He likes giving his new brother and sister hugs and love. He likes to copy what Silas says in French and act like he is having a conversation with him.
Karis has adjusted so well. I had worried about this being a huge change especially for her, but she has handled it so well. She is 4 now, as she frequently reminds us. She says this makes her braver and "able to put pepper on her own food." She is a good big sister! She is the "leader" when she plays with Moriah and Silas and likes to teach them how to play.
We are so thankful for each of theses precious personalities that make up our "crew." They have all transitioned beautifully. Each day improves as we settle into this new part of our journey.

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  1. Absolutely love your family. Thanks for sharing this!