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Sunday, October 23, 2011

So grateful

This afternoon our church hosted a reception to welcome home Moriah and Silas. People dropped by to welcome the kids and some even gave precious gifts. As I was thinking about the blessing of these wonderful people, it reminded me of many more blessings and so much more we have to be thankful for.
We are thankful for all of the people who have loved and supported us through this journey. We know so many of you have prayed for us and continue to do so. We also know so many of you helped with the finances of bringing home our children. You donated to yard sales and purchased from those same sales. You ate Froyoz, Rita's, Chickfila and Salsarita's. You planned and played in a golf tournament. You donated through pay pal or to a matching grant. You prayed as we applied for grants and celebrated with us when we received them.
God used each of you in different ways to help bring this adoption to fruition.
We are so very grateful for each and everyone of you and the part you played in getting our children home!! We are also grateful to God for His provision and His work.
We continue to be blessed by so many of you who are checking on us, cooking for us and continuing to pray.
We know that the simple words thank you cannot not fully express our gratitude, but it is all that we have to offer. So, THANK YOU. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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