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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post an update. All during our adoption journey I followed other adoption blogs. I loved seeing the stories unfold and seeing God bring precious children home to their forever families. The one "problem" I had was that once the adoptions were complete, the famlies stopped updating. I was so set on not doing that. I wanted to make sure to continue blogging after the children were home. Well, despite my good intentions, I am not doing so well at updating. I think now I understand though why parents stop blogging. It's called life:) Life gets busy... busier and well blogging gets overlooked. Life is now busier, but it's a good kind of busy. When Moriah and Silas first came home there were many adjustments. We had to slow life way down and we had to pick and choose what the children could handle. We became very intentional in how we spent our time and how we interacted with them. our children had experienced a whole part of a life that we knew nothing about. They had then left that life all they knew and were now here in our family. So we worked and continue to work to help them through this transition. They both are doing so very well. We have truly been blessed. We have had tough times, even challenging ones. However, overall things are going so well. Moriah and Silas are slowly attaching and bonding with us. I still do not think they understand exactly what family means or that this would be FOREVER. But we continue to work to build relationships. Many people have asked how our attachment is going. Well, that is a loaded question. Many assume that hearing our kiddos call us "mommy" and "daddy" is progress. Well I guess that is sort of true. But if we had taught them to call us "Bert" and "Ernie" they would have done that too. (I think "mommy" and "daddy" is much more fitting!) But just calling us that, does not mean they understand it. It is our prayer that with time they will learn what it means. We are slowly assimilating at church. We have been taking it slow. While both children would probably allow us to drop them off without a tear or backward glance, that is not good nor is it our goal. We have read about attachment and asked questions of people who "know." so we continue to watch for these signs. Caring that we leave is a "sign" of attachment. There are also many others. Part of our goal and desire for a healthy bond and attachment is what prompted us to ask other people to not hold our kiddos or be super affectionate with them. It was not in order to be mean or selfish, but instead was a goal to build on the relationship of our family. We are thankful that most have been so very understanding, supportive and encouraging of this. We are so thankful to be almost three months into our new family and new part of life! We are pleased at the growth we are seeing. Attachment is slowly happening. The children have overcome several minor health issues. They are gaining weight... a little too well. They are both learning English at an amazing rate. We can not wait to see how they continue to grow and develop and how our family bonds!! It is our continued prayer that God will create healhty relationships and that everything will continue to go so well!! Thank you so much for following us and praying for us!! We promise to do better at updating you on our progress! In fact i have already started another post to put up soon and have an idea for yet another one:)

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  1. Kudos on the attachment progress. We understand. Especially the crazy looks you get when you ask someone not to dote on your children. I think it's especially hard when the parents are in ministry ... your family and children are so high profile. And when you adopt more than one ... whew. Tough stuff. I think we were all crazy. :)

    We are 2.5 years in and we are still learning. I wish we had played it closer to the vest those first few months. It took us a while to understand the importance of healthy attachment even though we had read all the books, too.

    Don't beat yourself up for not blogging. You have bigger fish to fry. I think we have maybe posted 4 times since we brought A & K home. Ha.

    Praying for you guys! Can't wait to meet the newbies!