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Saturday, January 28, 2012

God's plans-not Carrie's

We received an email this week from a grant we had applied for over a year ago. It was one we felt sure that we would receive, but we never did. Well, they were emailing to let us know they were ready to proceed with helping us. It was so awesome to be able to say-"thanks for considering us, but our kiddos our home!" After emailing them though, I started thinking about my plans versus God's plans. As I have stated before, I am a planner. I think through things way too much. As you saw through our journey, God worked to teach me patience and of HIS faithful provision. We began this whole process of adopting with less than $1,000 to go towards it. The funds we were going to need seemed so far out of reach. Being the planner, I started figuring out "how" God would/should provide for adoption. In my figuring I had counted on this grant that I just spoke of... the one we did not get before the children came home. I also had counted on receiving a Show Hope grant. I don't know why, but I just thought it would be one God would use. I also had figured God would provide through a Facebook fundraiser, just as we had seen Him do with other families. Well, guess what??? He used NONE of the ways I planned!! Instead God provided the finances in HIS way- bit by bit, step by step. He provided just over $50,000 in about 18 months!! Who else could take the tiny bit we had an multiply it fifty fold??!! I am so glad that God is in control and not me!!! On another sort of note- tonight I decided to read back through our entire blog before writing. I was overcome with emotion when I read back through this journey and God's provision. It still seems so very hard to believe that Moriah and Silas are here. It feels like they have always been here. I cannot imagine our family without them. GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!

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  1. Carrie, this is so much like our story of God's provision! We started with so little, too, and God provided $50,000 in ways we never could have imagined, and in such a short amount of time, too! Perhaps one day He will cross our paths and we can meet each other's sweet kiddos! There is a unique bond between families who adopt. :) Much love to you and your beautiful family!