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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our precious little girl

We are so excited to have our referral for a little girl. We have 2 pictures of her. She is beautiful. If you see us, just ask- we are more than happy to show you. We also have a tiny bit of information, including her name and age. But we are unable to post any specifics about her on our blog or facebook. For now, we will just refer to her on here as "Sister Bear" :)
We are now waiting for our referral of a little boy. We are at the top of the list, so we hope to have one soon!!
The rest of our dossier will be mailed overseas this week and they will begin processing it. Our agency is expecting all this to take 3-4 months. There will then be a bit more paperwork for us to take care of here. So we are looking at 5-6 months until we have our children home!!!
Please continue to pray for us! God has been so good through this whole process! We can not wait to see how He continues to work.

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