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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picture Changes and Life Changes

We did Christmas with Dave's family today. It was an exciting time. There are 16 grandchildren on his side of the family. It is quite a house full when we are all together. As we were opening gifts, having fun and taking pictures I realized that this next Christmas our family picture will be different. We will have two more precious children in our picture. Two children who this year probably have no idea what Christmas is. They have no idea of the gifts that are exchanged. They have no concept of the yummy treats we eat. And most of all. they have concept of the reason there is such a holiday as Christmas. They have no idea of a baby named, "Jesus." A baby who came to change the world.
I am so excited to think that by this time next year we will be a much different family. And that next year we will be able to teach our new precious ones about Jesus!!!
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